Participate in the partner program

How it works

By participating in the Prostmate Partner Program, you’re helping yourself and others to navigate the challenges often faced with prostate cancer.

Step 1: Complete your confidential profile
Create your own personal account so you can start working on enhancing your wellbeing and log in and out as often as you need to. You will need to answer some questions about yourself and prostate cancer experiences so that your progress can be mapped.

Step 2: Participate
To get the most out of the program it is recommended that you log in and use the program for 1-2 hours per week over the 6 weeks that the program runs, use the information regularly and record your experiences.

Step 3: Complete ongoing questionnaires
You will receive a reminder to complete the follow-up questionnaire when they are due. These questionnaires will help us understand how you are going and are vital for the success of our research.

Step 4: Your feedback will be used for research
While your personal details will not be shared, all the information you provide us will be used to evaluate whether the Prostmate Partner Program is useful for partners of men who have prostate cancer. Your feedback will help us to refine and improve the program and offer this program to others in the future.

Program duration
You will have access to the program for 6 weeks. Please make sure you make the most of the program during these 6 weeks.


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